E-Day #ZurianiZainal

I know I got engaged 4 years ago. But hey I finally have the chance to start blogging since my son can eat own his own now without screaming for me for like every 5 seconds. 

I can finally have 15 minutes of peace. 

So we got engaged in 2015,  and my idea was to do everything own my own; from makeup, hantaran, dais, table decor and everything.. But who am I kidding. I was lucky to have an army of talented aunties, so they offered to help me with my hantaran. One of them even lend me the trays. 

I bought the fresh flowers at Petaling Street, courageously took the KTM and then LRT to Pasar Seni all by myself a day before the event. I think I have spent less than MYR200 for the fresh flowers, and I'm so glad I didn't spent too much on it. 

Cause you now, they will die eventually and Zainal is not the type of men who will keep it in between his books. Ha ha ha...


Okay la not bad la kan my hantaran? I basically have zero knowledge in flower arrangements so cut me some slack please.

And then my makeup.

Again I thought of doing my makeup, but come on, I don't even know how to use makeup. So one week before the event, I  went on Instagram and search for hashtag #muamurah (LOL), and found Aisyah Insanul's profile. DM her and told her I only can afford MYR350 for makeup and she was so kind and agreed to do my makeup. 


I heard she's famous now, so good for her! She was so kind and easy to work with. 

The dress? I wanted a simple dress in white. I don't like the idea of spending too much on a baju kurung that I know will only be used for few times. So, I got a long dress online from FV and it was on sale (yas!). 

The dress is from Arared and I think it was around MYR400. And matching shawl from Chempakaa!


My darling friend Mariam did my hand-bouquet. I requested a simple one and she did  a perfect job! Check out her Instagram, IvyBloom. She is really talented, and she even did the hand-bouquet for my nikah and reception. 

The ceremony was simple and I only invited closed family members and closed friends. Basically I had everyone that I love attended my big day. Except Nadia since she was still in Aussie.

Introducing! My tunang (now my husband). Halal gap guys halal gap. We didnt have pelamin, just a small dais to take photos with friends and family.


And below are some other small details from the ceremony; table decor , signange, hantaran from Zainal, and the bridesmaids kits for all of my girls.

I did the flower decorations for tables using the leftover fresh flowers from hantaran.



 Photo (shoot and burn) by Dreampeeks Wedding Photography