Valentino Embellished Suede Loafers VS Aldo Khabou


I was head over heels in love with this awesomely gorgeous Valentino Loafers but the price tag gave me a major heart attack. I think in Malaysia it will cost me almost RM4000++. So I just kept the photo in my phone, wishing for cloudy with a chance of Valentino...  

Heh, what? 

Anyway, last weekend I went to One Utama to ONLY WATCH MOVIE AND NOT TO SPEND MY MONEY ON ANYTHING, but I accidentally saw the big SALE word at Aldo, and I was literally dragging Zainal to enter the shop with me as soon as possible. 

And wallah! The first shoe that I saw was...

I fell in love right away and I keep on falling in love with it every time I put it on. Even until now. But, knowing that I cannot use my money to buy this pretty sweet darling because I need to buy other important stuff really made me....




But it was on sale, 30% off. 

And knowing that I won’t be at peace until I have owned the shoe, I know right away I need to buy it no matter what the consequences are.

So yeah, the damage is done. 

Muahahahahahaha. No regrets at all!