Best  weekend ever! 

Ajak Zainal to come for dinner at my place at Bangi on Saturday, masak tak de la banyak pon, but bila abah masuk dapur tengok all the lauk, terus call adik-adik dia ajak dinner kat rumah. 

Memang penuh satu rumah, makan bersila at living hall sebab meja makan tak muat haha. Zainal was nervous all the time walaupon tu bukan first time dia jumpa dengan my relatives.

But yeah it went well I am blessed because I have such wonderful parents, uncles and aunts. They all treated Zainal like he is the part of the family already. 

But no I didn’t take any photos. Haha. Aku pakai baju buruk gila tshirt bodoh-bodoh je. 

Above, are yesterday’s photos. Had a lovely day with him, went to Bangsar and Mid Valley =)