Another Baju Raya Story

I really love the raya collection by Innai Red, and this is one of my favorite. But retailing at RM2100, it is not possible for this dream to come true.

So I need to find another option. I need to think quickly!

Walking around One Utama last Saturday, I saw this dress at Miss Selfridge but the price is slightly overpriced.  And then I went back home searching for it online and fortunately the dress is having 50% off in UK stores.



So my friend from UK helped me to buy it. Thank you so much Athiir =D Now I need to find songket. Where can I find cheap songket in KL? The one from Atikah Songket is damn expensive, around RM2000-RM5000. Yusry KRU was wearing it during his reception or akad nikah. I'm not so sure about that. But the design is quite semilar with Innai Red. 


  1. Mahal tu sebab tenun tangan, yan. Try pergi jakel, cari songket tenun mesin. Hari tu kawan i cakap ade kt situ...

  2. JAKEL ada eh? Yeay nanti I cari. Thank yooou Mariam!


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