Holiday, Final Examination and New ALDO!

Today is 1st May so happy holiday to all. I am still wide awake, studying for my final exam. Currently focusing on Portfolio Management, such a headache. 

I will be having 4 papers this semester. 2 papers on 7th, 1 paper on 9th and the final paper is on 15th. Updated my iTunes with new songs in order to stay awake! 43 new songs and more to come. 


Ah and yes, recent purchase. More shoesssss from Aldo. Now I am broke. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. No more shopping until June!

ALDO Callicot

ALDO Lampson 

ALDO McDougal

And I picked one for Zainal. Hehe. No no, I am not paying for him =P

ALDO McPhearson

Ah back to the books. See you later alligator! Good night people =)