Paul's Boutique Maisy Patent Large Shoulder Bag. Yay or Nay?

I am starting my internship on June. Received 2 – 3 offers so far, and I think already made up my mind which offer I want to accept, Insyallah.

So knowing me, of course I want to buy a new handbag for my internship that shouts “I am working now woohooo”

Since my cousin is coming back on early June, I am planning to ask her to get one for me from UK. One thing about me, I am very particular about bags and shoes. I don’t want people to have what I wear. Haha so I will usually bought them from UK or US. Trust me, buying branded stuff overseas are waaaaaaay more cheaper, especially buying from US. So far I never bumped onto someone who is wearing the same bag or shoes with me.


Ok back to the handbag, I usually bought my handbags from Jane Norman because it is cheap and the quality is very good. But I couldn’t find a design that I want. I am searching for a black handbag. Of course my all time favorite would be Marc Jacobs, or Chanel. But yeah I couldn’t afford it. So, moving on to the next cheap bag in my list, which is Paul’s Boutique Maisy Patent Large Shoulder Bag in Black. I like the one in blue too, but I prefer black.



Retailing at £61.00, I think this bag is the bag I want to use for my internship. This Maisy Patent Large is a classic shape with a gorgeous metal Paul's Boutique plaque, the Maisy shoulder bag is a stylish everyday bag that's perfect for the office as well as off–duty hours. Featuring a racy leopard print lining, detachable shoulder strap and Paul's Boutique charm, this shiny number is a great addition to any handbag collection. 

Leona Lewis owns 2 pairs of it in 2 different colors haha.So I kinda like the bag. What do you think?



  1. hello..i like this post..

    i want to know how to get this bag.?is it have online store?

    i would like to give to my mother..


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