Hey, It's My Birthday!

Location: Brisik Cafe, Jaya One. 

My birthday dinner is a must. No matter how many times my friends threw me a birthday surprise on my birthday in a year, I really need to host a birthday dinner by myself.  I can't really dress up on a surprise party right? Haha.

I choose Italiannies Sunway Pyramid last year, and I want something different this time, more local fooooodssssssss pleaseeeeeeeeee. 

Brisik Cafe is one of my favorite place to dine with Zainal. We love the ambient surrounding, the food and the staff. The food are delicious, all of them. And its affordable. Not too expensive. And their workers are so friendly. 

I always invited less than 10 people for my birthday dinner. I just want to communicate with all of the people, and I can't really do that if all my friends are invited. 

They are so sweet to surprise me again with a cake. Haha the 3rd cake for this year! Thanks Zainal, Yunni, Shah, Bear, Syam, Hazryn and Sufi. I love you guys!

p/s Sorry for all the grammatical errors, it took me less then 7 minutes to post this. Like seriously.



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