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I never heard of Anrealage before, but I really love the new collection from this brand. Designed by Morinaga Kunihiko, he definitely has invented something gorgeous! Great looking collection I must say. Love how it all flows together and still uses the pixel theme all the way throughout with the edges and pockets.

Love the jacket. And I've found more of her designs on runaway. Digging the styles! I would love to wear them, if only I can afford it of course. Heh.

Below is information about Anrealage that I’ve found online.

Anrealage gets its brand name from three keywords: "real," "unreal," and "age." Morinaga Kunihiko, designer of anrealage, describes these words as "real" is the ordinary, "unreal" are the hidden features within the ordinary that go unnoticed. And "age" is something that is always following us.
A graduate from Waseda University, Marinaga majored in Social Sciences. While Morinaga was attending Waseda University, he became interested in making clothing.
Shortly after, in 2005, Morinaga won the avant-garde grand prize and just a year later showed his collection at the 2006 S/S Tokyo Collection Runway debut at the Tokyo Tower. Since then he continues to present his works at Tokyo-collection. In 2009 he entered more experimental terrain and challenged to make clothes that were not based on the original human body: "the body as a measure for clothes must be re-examined; without changing this ruler, new clothes cannot emerge."
Anrealge's brand concept is ambitious and inventive. Abandoning traditional patterns for clothing, Marinaga created his own. He came up with a new methodology based on a more fundamental level. "If it feels long, it is long. If it feels short, it is short." He would create warped mannequins with distorted height to width ratios and dressed them. This would abstract even finer details like buttons, tags and hangers that would have to fit these new proportions.

Morinaga Kunihiko

At work

Anrealage's A/W 2010-2001 collection is awesomely fresh. There is abstract weaving and pattern making using different textured fabrics. The outlines, shapes, and silhouettes are surprisingly wearable and the proportions are balanced perfectly without any flaws.

I think its kind of challenging the traditional notions of using the human body as a ruler, to be able to create new shapes and something interesting and new. However, Anrealage really managed to balance the art of abstraction and practicality, which is what in my opinion makes his latest season looks really outstanding.

The pixel heels

And I fell in love instantly with the shoes that wears by the model in the above picture. I've been searching on Google for almost 20 minutes just to find the clearer view of the shoes.

Oh my it's so pretty, I really want one for myself. Please please buy one for me. And if you guys happen to see this shoes at any mall, please let me know. You can email me at zurianiyusof@gmail.com or twit me at Twitter @zurianiyusof.

Oh looove it!


  1. I wannnnnnnnnnnnt. Maybe pixelated scarves?

  2. Yes that would be nice and superb too. Nanti bila ramai dah suka pixelated fashion nanti, banyak la keluar design mcm tu in the market.

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