Yes! You Are Fat and Ugly. Boooooo.

I've gained some weight and I can’t fit most of my top and t-shirt now. Well, not really.


But my big fat tummy is visible now! I have to buy or wear something that can hide my tummy. And I feel soooooooooo ugly and depressed.

I hope these oversized tunics can make me look slimmer so I can feel more confident again. I find skinny jeans look quite good with it. Will received it tomorrow, and I can’t wait to try it out.

I am obviously not happy with my flabby tummy so maybe I should try to lose a bit of weight gradually and I think I will feel a lot better and healthier? Am I right?


I wish I were pretty like her. And her hair is so gorgeous. Not that I'm hideous, realistically speaking, but though I sometimes think I am!

But, I guess I'll have to live with it, because eventually I'll grow into it. Everyone wants to change something about themselves. I want to lose some weight, but you need to embrace the good qualities in yourself. It's not all about looks.

But I still wish I my hair is gorgeous like her.

Aihetchu Sky Ferreira.



  1. me too still trying to lose some weights.. huh..hard la..:)

  2. Haha tu la kawan ajak jogging malas! Adoi mmg tak akan kurus la nampaknya.

  3. me too.i feel like 70% of my weight r fatttttt!!urghhh..

  4. Haha and yet we can't stop eating right!


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