Red and Rainbow

I was planning to change my housing from black to red, but usually I don’t really have extra money to waste just like that. But lately I’m getting bored with my Blackberry, and to stop myself from buying a new one, I need to do something, quick! I’m so sick in love with Torch, but my current phone not even a year old yet, and I’m already itching to buy a new one. Warranty pon dua tahun.

So I’ve decided to change my housing and add on a rainbow back-light. It cost me RM140 for the original housing in red metallic, and RM40 for the rainbow back-light. And yeah I’m kinda broke right now. No movies and expensive food for me this week!

But oh well, it worth every penny! I'm in love with my new housing; I can't stop looking at it like it’s brand new. I will cover myself with blanket just to see how beautiful the rainbow back-light is in the dark. Haha.

Well anyway thank you sayang, teman I pergi Bangsar, and thank you Eric for pimp-ing my Blackberry. You can visit Eric’s blog here.

After we had dinner at Bangsar, we went to Mid Valley to watch Khurafat. The movie scared the hell out of me. You guys should watch it. I give it 4/5!

Original OEM housing in red metallic

Rainbow back-light =D

Sempat cam-whore dalam lift after movie. Tengok tudung dah senget-senget, stress sangat tengok Khurafat. LOL.