Do I Look Fat?

I’ve gained 5KG in 9 months. FML.

And he on the other hand, lost his weight!

I used to eat like pig before and not even have to think about gaining my weight, because I just don’t. But now, I have to count on every calorie that I consumed but still the fat is there, and it’s everywhere.

My boobs are getting bigger, my ass is getting bigger, I have a big stomach with access fat, and don’t even mention about my face.

The day when I don’t fit my jeans and my clothes anymore we’ll be the end of my life! And soon the day will come huwa huwa.

But I don’t wanna run on the park and spend my money on Herbalife.


And when I ask him whether I look ugly and fat, he will always say that I look beautiful and he doesn’t mind if I’m getting fat and his love to me is still the same.

And awww such a sweetheart, I love you so much for saying that. Hehehe.

But guess what? My clothes didn’t! They will hate me if I'm too big for them.


Ok going to call delivery service for dinner.


I haven’t eaten yet since lunch!