One month ago, I fell in love with a super gorgeous dress from Warehouse. But it’s too expensive for me. For god sake, it’s Warehouse. I almost asked Yazira to buy it from UK, but the difference is only like , murah RM40 compared to beli at Malaysia. Plus delivery to Yazira's place lagi.

Yeah, still expensive for a dress.

Today I went shopping with Zainal at OU to buy new attire for my dinner. I was looking for a pretty dress or top that would fit and flatter me. But I was quite disappointed because nothing really attracts my attention.

And then I when I stepped out from Jaspal, I saw Warehouse across the floor. Oh by the way Jaspal is having 80% sales but trust me clothes there are all hideous. They really hurt my eyes.

Anyway, I’ve entered the boutique praying for the dress. I went through the dresses on the rack but I couldn’t find it. So I went to the counter and specifically asked the sales girl that jersey dress. I’ve described the dress to her and she was like “Yes, I know that dress. There is still one left!”

I almost jump!

I guess I’m just lucky. There’s only one left, exactly my size, which is size 8! Can you believe it? I feel like the dress was waiting for me, like it was meant for me. I slipped on the dress and I feel effortlessly put together. I love it dearly and it doesn’t make me look fat. In fact I look very sexy wearing it.

I asked the sales girl to call Zainal to come to fitting room, and I can see that Zainal love it too when he said “WOW!” right after he saw me in it. Hahaha.

Thanks Sayang. I really love it =)

I’m kind of impressed when I saw the sales girl wrapped the dress before putting it inside the shopping bag. Good service thought, definitely going to come here more often, if I have extra money of course.

This is just the teaser. I’m going to wear it this Thursday.

Waaaaaait for it!

There is some kind of Hari Raya exhibition at OU, so we took some pictures there. I’m surprised they already put on raya songs at the mall and on the radio. I though Zainal is the only one who are so excited downloading and playing raya songs in the car.


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