I don’t have much to write. I’m now on my one week holiday. And I’m back in Tapah now. Arrived on 2am in the morning, my mom and my brother both were already in bed when I got home.

I’m currently in love with Coach Handbag and I already have my eyes glued on one or two designs. My budget is around RM700. My mother definitely not going to buy me one, so I have to use my own money. Well I always bought things using the pocket money that my parents gave to me. I’ll starve just to get what I want.

And on Friday when I was at Bangsar Village with Zainal, I fell in love with a dress from Warehouse. Great. Now I need to find another RM250 for the dress.

So, anybody out there kind enough to give me RM1000?

Oh well, in my dream.

Maybe I should just ask Yazira to buy it from me from UK since she’s coming back for holiday next month. It’s going to be a lot cheaper, of course.

I just need to work hard for the finals, which is in 2 months. Get a good CGPA and I will apply for Proton.


The dress from Warehouse

I got my eyes on these both.


  1. kan best kalau kita ada duit berkoyan-koyan!! -___-!! and anyway yan, these bags wont exceed rm700 esp the coach leah! hee *simpan duit* :) :)

  2. i know. my aunt tinggal kat california and dia balik semalam. bawak bag coach banyak2. dia bawak balik gak leah but in gold. 600++. i still tak cukup duit lagi. sobbsss.

  3. one idea: since ur in tapah, why not decide against shopping and belu durian banyak2 =) better whaattttt haha. <--guy talking, complete foreign to the idea of s h o p p i n g

  4. Dont have durian at Tapah. Since when Tapah ada durian? Hahaha. I dont do anything at home except online. Bila online lagi gatal nak tgk baju sana baju sini. Gaaaah!


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