Maysaa Satin Wrap Band Snood

I saw Hana Tajima-Simpson from Style Covered wearing this scarf in her picture uploaded on her blog. It looks kind of cool so I’ve asked Yazira to buy it for me since she’s coming back from UK end of August.

This Maysaa Satin Wrap Band Snood cost me £17, including delivery to Yazira’s place. I’m very excited to wear it and Yazira seems to love it to base from her feedback on one of her email;

“I love the scarf btw!! You asked for the inner scarf kan? Mcm cool gile!!!!! “

Below are few photos of Hana Tajima wearing the scarf from her own brand, Maysaa. She’s pretty by the way. I so envy her.

P/s I ‘accidentally’ asked Yazira to buy a 'little' something something from Dorothy Perkins too since they are having crazy sale right now. Oh I’m so broke. So I came out with a brand new quote; Online shopping is bad for my pocket. So bad. Really bad. Bad with danger on top.

All photos credit to Style Covered.


  1. Hi,
    "Online shopping is bad for my pocket. So bad."
    agree with you cz it happen to me too.
    sedar2 je duit dalam akaun sudah tinggal sedikit =D
    by the way,the scarf is unique.

  2. kan. haha and once dah start susah nak stop. oh thanks! tak sabar nak dapat scarf tu!

  3. agree with you.
    once dah start mmg susah nak stop.
    and now it happen to my best friend too cz i as one of her big influence in online shopping.

  4. but at least we invest our money on something we can see; things in the closet! haha.

  5. hello assalamualaikum zuriani...came across your blog while searching for reviews of the maysaa snood! so what is your feedback after getting it from Yazira? does it fit well? easy to wear and incorporate with your scarves? thanks zuriani! :)

  6. Yes its easy to wear but since the inner mcm cover the head until neck, so its not really suitable to wear here at Malaysia. Panas. Haha. Other then that yeah i kinda love it.


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