Goodbye June and Hello July!

Damn son, four weeks of hectic and madness.

The first week was hell, and the second week was beyond madness. FOM management sucks ass. The Kakabang (short form for Kakak+Abang, for a staff at FOM office. I can’t decide whether he wants me to call him Kakak or Abang, so yeah I just call him Kakabang. And he (or she) made my life more complicated.


I hate school. I mean university. The only good thing that happened to me this week was yesterday. I went to IKEA and bought a gorgeous (and cheap, of course) study table and a chair too. Both are in white. Wanted to buy the chair in red but unfortunately the red colour is already out of stock.

So yeah I ended up buying the one in white. Next I’m going to buy a study lamp, Arghh I want to go to IKEA noooooow!

Seriously I have a lot of things to tell you. Oh did I ever mention that I just repainted my car? Well of course, I repainted it with the same colour. So my car now is so shinyyyy. Me like it!

And I already got the three pairs of Aldo shoes that I ordered from US! And if just bought another new handbag from Winkstick for only RM40 (sales item) , but the bag is at home.

And I just reformatted my laptop too! Now I’m using Windows 7. Cheers! So long Vista! And tell you what, Windows 7 is so pretty!

Oh oh! And the coolest thing about today is, I just updated my cruncSMS and it’s so cool. It has a contact pictures now. And I was so excited downloading people’s photos from Facebook by using my Blackberry to put it in the contact in the class. Haha I’m so in love with my Blackberry now.

And I love the theme that I just downloaded last week. It's simple but I'm loving it!

Erghhh I have lot more to write but I have to take a shower now. I just ran back and forth to the Cyberia Management office because the owner forgot to pay the maintenance fees, so the management disconnected our water supply. Guess how much is the outstanding fees? RM1200! Crazy right? I can buy a Coach handbag with that money.

But we managed to pay half of it today so the management was kind enough to connect the water supply back. I was already imagining myself carrying my toiletries to Zainal’s house.

Well I hope July going to be better for me, Insha’Allah.