Trend Alert: Sky High Heels.

Can you even imagine trying to walk in those new Alexander McQueen’s 12-inch heel? Yikes.

If you’ve browsed a shoe department lately, you may have noticed that high heels are growing, and not just in popularity. Towering platforms, extreme wedges, and treacherous stilettos have flooded the marketplace in recent months, and most every designer and celebrity seems to be doing their part to participate in the trend.

Runways, red carpets, and glossy magazine spreads have all been inundated with the look. Ever the style catalyst, Lady Gaga donned Alexander McQueen’s 12-inch heels in her "Bad Romance" music video after three professional runway models refused to wear them on the runway last fall.

Wore by Lady Gaga.

Clearly, we have a fashion craze on our hands, or, um, feet.

Alexander McQueen is surely a great designer with creative and artistic vision, but those shoes, sure is the pain in the eye, and the feet. Even if a copy of these shoes are on the high street market, not one sane person would buy them, unless for the sake of their collection. Even if they do, wear them, I mean look at our streets, it’s all cobbled and one would need a helping hand on the right and the left.

As fashion becomes continuously about pushing boundaries, trends like these beg the question: Are ultra-high heels actually wearable?

High heels put women at risk for developing osteoarthritis, a situation that deteriorates the bones and can lead to obesity and death. While the study reveals that wearing high heels can also cause bunions, corns, hammertoes, ankle sprains, fractures, and calluses, it warns that osteoarthritis is the most serious of the outcomes.

According to the study, walking on high heels puts stress on the front and back of the knee joint, which keeps the bone cartilage from absorbing the necessary nutrients to pad between the knee bones. This can lead to osteoarthritis, which has no cure.

Those two wore by actresses from Sex And The City 2. Obviously, you can see how painful to be in those shoes.

I don’t know, I love the idea of wearing it, but to actually wearing it, I just can’t. I prefer something more comfortable. Like flip flops or gladiator sandals.

Oh well,if high heels were so wonderful, men would be wearing them

"Miss" J. Alexander from America's Next Top Model


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  2. Yeah. People now so obsessed with those High Heels. I just wore my mom, 3-inch heel, and Berr, GAYAT plus Scared! I wonder why women now like to hurt themself by wearing those High Heels. Fashion and women are so unpredictable.

    Yeah, Love FlipFlop! :D

  3. I used to own so many wedges, dalam 2inch la. But lama-lama I rasa leceh sebab nak drive je kena buka. And I gave up and started to wear flip flops and gladiators until now. They are super comfortable.

  4. Haha I think yang normal height should be ok =)

  5. someone once told me.
    Fashion is pain. to a certain extend i extremely believe that it is likely haih

  6. For me sky high heels only suitable on the runway, that's it. Bcs catwalk pon kejap je, itu pon ada je runway model yang tergolek.


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