My Sister’s Keeper

The movie has an excellent cast, including Cameron Diaz as the mom, Abigail Breslin as Anna, Jason Patric as the dad, and Alec Baldwin as the lawyer Anna hires. Joan Cusack is great as the judge presiding over Anna's case and a woman who has suffered her own personal tragedy. I was impressed by Sofia Vassilieva whom I had not seen before , she has the role of Kate, the sick sister

The whole movie is designed to make you cry, from beginning to end. It’s one non-stop cry fest. I actually held out crying until about three quarters in, and then I lost it. I did cry. And cried HARD I might add.

I didn’t get to read the book but saw the movie just now. It was very touching and unbelievably sad. I think it really makes you think about how easily life can be taken from you, and really puts things into perspective when you have your own children. It’s so sad to see and know that there are children living with this sickness and suffering. It was such a wonderful movie but I did cry most of the way through but I still loved it.

Bottom line, this movie brings up every emotion to the surface you keep to yourself when you love someone so deeply. It really puts your priorities in order. It was touching. That was how scary the movie was. It sucked you into the story and made you feel it and your tears would flow automatically. It has been awhile since I last teared while watching a movie. No wonder people say, just throw a sick kid in any show and you will win audience over.

It’s really a good show, watch it if you fancy a good crying session!


  1. hey yan. nice review of the movie! by the way, i think you really should read the book. ending dia lain. and lagi awesome and it'll definitely gonna make you cry!

  2. haaaa told yaa!! kite nangis gile gileee punye gilee nangis kot tengok cite ni! mule2, kite n kakak dua2 buat cool. tibe2 out of sudden, dengar sayup2 bunyik "tsk tsk" then we looked at each other, dua2 tgh teriak. hahahaha

    sedihhkan yaannnnn :'(

  3. @Adlyna tu la i heard they changed the ending, Anna patutnya mati in car crash and bagi kidney dia kat Kat.

    @dilos hahaha kita cover tak nak nangis sebab tgk kat living hall. last2 ttp muka dengan bantal!

  4. oh wait i cried in the movie while watching Kick Ass! Bahahahahahah!

  5. Yannnn!!! I've watched this, bosan gile !!!! don't lie I know feel asleep in the middle of the movie hehe

  6. How could you feel asleep while watching this yazira? Sooobsss T-T

  7. sediihh cerita ni. bace novel dia, lagi best rasenye. movie pon not bad. :)


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