Hachiko, A Dog's Story.

This story truly can make your tears drop in the middle of the movie.

It’s a movie based on the true story of the bond between an abandoned dog named Hachi and a professor named Parker who took him into his home and his life.
It's a very touching story, perfect for dog lovers out there. I was really teary-eyed during the last parts of the movie.

Hachi walks Parker to the train station every morning and greets him at the same station every evening. With this routine, people who are regulars at the station and close to the professor also fell in love with Hachi.

When Parker suddenly dies at school, Hachi is devastated. He continues to wait for Parker to return from work, despite the family’s efforts to deter the behavior.

Parker’s daughter, willing to take care of Hachi, but he always runaway to go to rail station.

So, the daughter said: " Hachi, do what you have to do."

And she released him.

“He’s not coming back, you don’t have to wait anymore” Hachi was told by the a man who sells hot dog at the train station, but he stood, still waiting.

They gave him food and water, they greet him when they see him standing at the same spot at 5pm waiting for Parker. At night he sleeps under a non-working train, and when the time reaches, he will go to the same old spot and wait.

Waited and waited.

After 9 years of waiting, he saw Parker, but this time, is because Hachi already gone. Went to a place where he and Parker can be together again. Hachi dies at the train station, still waiting for his master.

OMG, so sad. I cried this hard.

I have watched movies with animals before but this dog deserves an award. The cinematography and the way the camera captures the dog’s emotions is very captivating and it makes the viewer connect with the movie on a level that makes this movie memorable.

If you love Marley & Me, you are definitely going to love this movie too.


  1. aku dahlah tengok cerita ni around 3am camtuh. nangis teresak2 dalam bilik malam2. huuuu. aku favour lagi hachiko daripada marley & me.

  2. tak sebab takut nangis lagi sekali haha

  3. hahaha. aku semangat citer kt bf aku on phone, sampai sebak mata berair. hahaha. gila.


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