When I upgraded to my Blackberry about months ago, I was trying to to find an application that allows me to online using wifi connection since I’m not (yet) subscribing BIS. I was searching for a quality multi-im client to bypass having multiple instant messaging apps.

And then I found BeeJiveIM. So I’ve downloaded it and having used the trial version, I knew it was a great app. The trial version expires today, but I already bought the full license yesterday at only USD9.99 which is approximately RM32. It took me only less than 2 seconds to activate my license from my Blackberry.

BeeJive offers support for most major IM platforms including: AIM, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, Windows Live, Myspace Chat, and Yahoo Messenger.

It has more chat styles where you can customize it to different styles and colors and set different backgrounds and wallpapers. You can also customize your buddy lists, chat layouts, bubble styles, and more.

Haha, mind us. Please.

Contact lists can be sorted by service, status, or groups. It supports direct file sharing, and even has a chat room feature to add multiple contacts from different IM networks into one conversation. You can click on real hyperlinks in chats, allowing you to browse, call, tweet, email, text, or PIN message directly from a chat screen.

It also has push notifications, whether running in the foreground or the background, BeejiveIM will always notify you of new instant messages and has a very small memory footprint. I haven't noticed any lag associated with the app itself, or lag on my device.

It's everything you could want in an IM app.
BeeJiveIM is also available for iPhone.

So go grab one!