Of Chocolate Cake And Cupcakes

I used to bake a lot when I was at lower form. My specialty was Apple Cake. I remember bringing cake to the class and share it with my friends and teachers. Nothing too complicated, it just a sponge cake with apple that I cut into small pieces and mix it together with the flour. I stopped baking when I entered boarding school.

I am pretty broke lately and I was having a headache trying to figure out how to surprise my boyfriend for our 4th monthsary. Not until I’ve decided to bake him a chocolate cake. So on Tuesday afternoon, I went to Jusco at Seri Kembangan to buy all the ingredients. And with Amir’s help, I succeeded to bake him a chocolate cakes.

I baked this for Zainal.

For our Cyber-P, my group is also selling cupcakes other than floats and Long Chan. Amir was the one who baked it, while the rest of us done the decoration. Honestly, it’s delicious. I love it better than any other cupcakes I bought at the shop. The cake and the cream are not too sweet. Our cupcakes were selling fast on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yesterday I just got an order for 30 pieces of cupcakes, and just now an event organizer just texted me to open a booth at his even next Wednesday.


Well done Sweet Tooths Inc.

Sweet Tooths Inc's cupcakes.


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