Morning Ramble

What do you feel when people keep on constantly judging you? Not only stranger, but people you are close with. When in your heart, you want them to just accept you just by the way you are. Yes you are trying to change, but maybe you are not putting enough efford on it so the changes is rather too slow to be noticed. Or maybe you are trying your best but it’s understandable that sometimes it’s hard for you to change something that already becomes a part of your life.

What do you feel when that things that you love are the things that people hate it so much? And it your heart you just hope people will try to understand your type of interest. Of if they don’t want to understand you, you just hope that they will at least pretend to understand you.

For me people are different in so many ways. Yes we were made from the same medium and same structure. But underneath those skins we are different. We are different in so many ways that we can’t explain. It’s subjective.

And I do understand it’s hard for two complete different people to be together. But somehow it will magically and naturally happen. But the magic won’t be so much magic anymore if you don’t appreciate what you have.

I have learned that to be in love with someone is to be in love with everything he is. Accept the one you love just the way they are. Yes people are not perfect, so don’t push them too much. Don’t push them to change to be someone that you want until you turn them into someone else. Don’t turn them into another version of you.

Sometimes a single things you said and things that you do can touch people’s life in a way that you can’t even imagine. The result? Depends on how you do it.


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