The thing I hate most about being broke with no money is when you are feeling powerless and insecure. Imagine being at a restaurant with your friends, and you only have RM3 in your purse. And you are not the kind of person who comfortable to borrow other people’s money. You are the type who rather eats Maggi at home when you are broke.

And then with RM3, you go through the menu. This time you are not looking to the food names, your eyes only looking to the prices, trying to find the one that you can afford to buy. With RM3 in your purse, you have decided to order Nasi Lemak and plain water.

But it does really kill you to see your friends eating Roti Naan with Chicken Tandori or others delicious food which obviously are pricier and you can’t afford it. You really want it, but the facts that you have no money make you just sit there playing with your phone.

At that very moment you suddenly realized how big RM3 means to you.

At that moment I realized how much RM3 is.

And now being at home eating Maggi, it makes me feels like crying. Haha. You can’t be broke when you are having your first day of period. It makes you feel like, I don’t know but it makes me feel sad. And when you think about Ikan Bakar at D’Limau Nipis, it makes you feel depressed.

Ok, maybe not you, but it makes me feel depressed.

My mom supposed to bank in my money yesterday. But she told me she’ll bank in the money on Monday. I am dead broke, but what should I tell her? That I spent RM150 in 3 days?

No way, I rather eat Maggi and be miserable at home.

Although eating Ikan Bakar at Bangi with Zainal, Bear and Shah would be awesome.


Mak cepat la masukkan duit!

p/s Maggi pon sodap.


  1. ko tak de rasa nak bank in kan rm10 ke?

  2. xpe yan. aku tau ko memang boleh kenyang makan blackberry baru tu. =P

  3. amboi amboi. seronok ko kenakan aku eh?

  4. haha +1 Maja.
    tu la, tak pandai berjimat cermat. :P
    gi jual baju2 lame, purse2, kasut2 lame. kaya trus yan.heh

  5. mana boleh jual. tu pusakaaaa. haha

  6. hahahaha dahlah period. takde duit. silap besar ah tu. nasib je la ada stock pad. haha

    p.s, btw hun, the term is borrow. lend is meminjamkan, borrow is meminjam. sorry can't help it :)

  7. oh haha thanks for the correction. sat lagi i betulkan =D


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