I’m in the mood to write lately. I don’t know, it must be the weather though. So I’m going brag about my new cell phone today. Well not so new, I bought it on 6th March.

I was desperately needed to buy a need cell phone. Been using the Sony Ericsson K850i for almost 3 years and I feel like a need a new toy. Being sticking around to the same old thing is kind of boring, if u really got me.

Well sayang this Principe doesn’t apply to you. Hehe

I watch so crazy in love with HTC Touch Pro since forever. The sleek design, it drives me crazy even until now. But yeah too expensive, can’t afford one. Until a friend of mine in US bought a new iPhone 3GS and he wanted to sell his HTC Touch Pro. And he wanted to sell it to me at rm550! How cheap is that???

I was actually jumping like a kid at that moment.

But then it was too good to be true. He forgot to bring back the cell phone.

So I’m back using the same old phone, until end of last month I accidently dropped my cell phone on the road. And the phone died, just like that. This time I really really need to buy a new cell phone.

I was kind of, sort of fell in love with Blackberry. Used to hate it before with no reason. I thought the phone was boring. Haha. Not until Nadia bought one, and hey Blackberry is not that boring.

And I bought one, the basic entry level Blackberry since I don’t really have money. And so far, I’m in love with it. Maybe next time when I’m a lot richer, I’m upgrading to Bold 4. In 4 years time maybe.

For the time being, I’m going to use my Blackberry Curve 8520. Since I’m a broke ass. Don’t ask me to do a review for it, Google it yourself.
Mind buying dinner for me? I would love you for that.

p/s Zainal hates it. We had a major fight about me buying a Blackberry. Well actually it was me, I’m just blaming the phone.