Alhamdulillah, And Please Vote For Me.

Few months ago, I submitted a photo into some photo competition in MMU sponsored by Nikon. I was totally forgotten about it until I received an email this morning

Well I hope I can win the competition. I could use some extra money. So friends, do come to MMU Grand Hall from 1st until 3rd April. A photo exhibition will be held there, and I need your votes!

My entry photo.

The photo above is one of my favorite photos captured by me. I was not using my D80 while taking the photo. I was using my friend’s Canon 1000D. Below is my description about the photo, the one that I HAD to write in order to complete the submission form.

"When I was attending a wedding, I caught my eyes over an old guy. He was alone, waiting for someone, I guess. He had this tired look at his face. I never learned anything about him. Who was he? What he’s doing? Where he was going? But his looks were so impressive. There’s story to be told every time when I look at this photo. His mind seems occupied and I can sense an aura of peace and resignation about him. I converted the picture to black and white to add more drama."

For more info, please visit this link.


  1. ade voting pulak ke. igt diorng yg judge. btw may ur photo is the best and may the best winss :-) dapat RM500 tu :P

  2. ada. nak kena angkut kawan satu lori ni. hahaha. thankssssss jenol!


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