A Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday was a very tiring day.

I was supposed to pack all the stuff on Thursday but I ended up going to IOI mall playing snooker with Shah, Bear and Arena. And then we had late night dinner at Canai SS15. Arrived home at 5am, I went to bed straight away.

I woke up at 12 and practically threw everything inside the box. It was hectic. And the agent gave me the keys for the new house at 3pm. But it was raining and my friends were out having lunch. So Shah texted, asking me to move the stuff later around 5pm.

So while waiting, I’m just surfing the web. Facebooki-ng, and trying to download things as much as I could. There will be no more 4mbps internet connection for me.

Until Shah came screaming in front of my door, like he always do. He came with Mai, and I was kind of weird because Shah said he wants to go out for a lunch with Mai. But instead they end up knocking on my door. But of course I invited them inside.

We talked, about things. Like always. But they were talking about things that I don't know. I just sat on the couch, hoping that they will go to lunch faster. I have mountains to put inside the box. And Shah were teasing my flabby tummy until Bear shouted from outside, asking me to open the door.


Thank god he came. I felt very awkward watching them two already. Haha. So yeah of course, I go running to the door. And, at that moment I can’t believe my eyes.

It was Zainal, on his knees with a rose, sweating like hell. And Feroro Rocher on the floor, in a heart shape.


A 2nd monthsary surprise from him. I was speechless for few seconds. It was wonderful.Everything was perfect.

I didn’t know that he’s going to celebrate our second monthsary. He went home on Thursday, so of course I assumed that there will be no celebration. Plus I am busy moving out to my new house.

But he came all the way from Petaling Jaya to surprise me. He is one hell of sweet boyfriend. He is awesomely sweet! Honestly I don’t know how to react. But it really touches my heart to see him sweating like that.

Actually, it’s not that hot outside. Haha. So I was kind of wondering why.

And then I found out that he was on his knees for almost 15 minutes. He sent Shah and Mai to make sure that I don’t go out, because he wants to set up the flowers and the chocolate.

The original plan was Bear is going to call me to come out. Too bad my cell phone was on my bed, and I was at the living hall with Shah and Mai. Bear and Zainal tried to call Shah and Mai. But Shah left her cell phone and Mai switched off her phone. So Zainal waited 15 minutes outside my door.
Haha, so much for a surprise eh? Poor him.

Sayang. Thanks for doing it. You made me feel like a million bucks. You do. You are a work of art, and I love you, Zainal Ariff.

p/s I really wish that he texted me to take a shower and put some nice clothes on before the surprise. I look horrible in the picture!


  1. great idea :D mcm dalam iklan kat US.

  2. omg he's so romantic. kalau I, I dah pengsan dah, I can't handle romance. hahahah

  3. ko kene buat button like kat post ko. heheh

  4. @haziq aku pon tak tahu mana dia dapat idea ni. haha

    @aisyah tu la. i dah la tak romantic. i tak pernah buat benda2 mcm ni kat dia. dia dah dua kali dah.

    @syaza haha. kalau ada dah lama dah aku buat.

    @equadex thanks =)

  5. awwwwww sweeeeeettttttt! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. banyaknya ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. that is tooo sweet! diabetese! haha

    btw awak, i've change my blog url tau.


  8. ok awak nanti kita update ur link k =)

  9. feeeewiiit ♥ ♥
    aaauwww, baru 2nd dah macam ni.
    yang ke 222nd nanti ape tah lagi ;))

    semoga berbahagia awak!

  10. 222nd? haha insyaallah sampai. kita akan mencontohi awak!

  11. awwwww yan, this is just too sweet! :) sweet gile!

  12. no way!!sweet gile kot yan. nnt 3rd monthsary mst lg mantap.weyh,nnt aku hafal plak dh bape lame ko couple..haha..

  13. hahahahaha...
    aku tak rasa tiap2 bulan dia nak buat surprise. lol


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