Drop Everything.

Sometimes I feel like I don't want to do anything in life but just travel and take thousands of photos. I wish I can just drop everything and take a year off for a Euro trip or something.

I'd like to rid of all my responsibilities and priorities and just travel, and sit down on my bum all day editing the photos. It's the only thing I actually put effort into, and I can forget all the troubles of real life. I feel happy with the escapism.

Anyone feel the same way?


  1. travelling ? thats a good idea...but why don't u start somewhere closer to us ?

    ASIA... lol ..

    btw nice blog u have there zuriani ...


  2. haha. thanks. yeah maybe bali or maldives =D

  3. i so feel you woman. lagi2 after coming back from london hari tu, berat hati gila nak balik :/

  4. yeah, n all the books are making me sick. haha

  5. sometimes i feel the same way like u
    travelling around the world
    go to the concert, watch football matches

    mesti best

  6. kalau drop, lambat ar aku abes blajar yan. huhu. kalau nak p europe, jgn lupe ajak aku..hehehe


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