I Have No Idea What's The Title Of This Post.

I’ve been spending a lot lately. Staying at home doesn’t mean that I can save up much. Well, not really. Blog shops are like a new addiction for me. I can’t stop buying once I’ve started. I know it’s bad, but all the pretty stuffs, gosh I got to have it for myself. I can’t imagine letting others wearing it.

Yeah, I’m sick. Haha.

And I can’t stop myself from buying new handbags. I have tones of it. But I still feel like it will never be enough for me. Well ladies, I think you can totally understand me right?

So, in a nutshell, I’m a broke ass right now, I’ve been spending too much last two weeks. And yesterday, my d80 suddenly having a ‘major breakdown’ and being a real bitch towards me.

I need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Not only I can’t attend the event that I was supposed to be the photographer, the person in charge for that event may have a bad impression towards me now. It was so last minute. I realized that the slr is not working 2 hours before the event.

Which is sucks.

I was so depressed yesterday I decided to cook 6 pieces of drumstick for myself. Yeah I ate it all!

Ok, I lied. Haahaa. No laah! I cooked for the entire house la. Too bad Yun wasn't at Cyberjaya. It’s been a while since the last time I cooked for her. I was busy. I’ll make it up to her later.

I can’t wait for my baby HTC, I will get it end of this month. Gahh, and finals is around the corner. University is great but I hate examination. So so much. Why? It’s easy, because I’m suck at it.

Oh remember I was being so obsessed with Domo-Kun? Well I think I’m still obsessing now. Haha. It’s so cute I want to bite it! The good news it I already bought one!

Ok. No I didn’t.

I didn’t buy it actually, he gave it to me. OMG he is such a sweetheart. Thanks honey, I heart you! So, you guys want to take a look at it? Too bad, my D80 is not working, remember? But it’s ok, you always have Mr. Google, right?

Mom’s calling.

I think my cell phone is upstairs on the bed. I was supposed to be at home after Subuh. But my alarm didn’t work. Well it did work, but it didn’t manage to wake me up.

My big brother is coming back from Mekah today. He was supposed to arrive at 3pm, but the flight was delayed 5 hours.

Mom’s calling again.

I really got to go now. Haih, I wish I have a bibik here to help me packing up my stuff. Oh damn and the car is still outside.
Great, now I have to walk under the sun! Panasnyaaa.

Fuck, the cell phone again. Yes mom!!! I’m picking up the phone! I’m coming!


  1. Adoi rosak pulak D80 tu. kesian dia. kesian aku.

  2. @Dalila ada laaa. rahsia. haha

    @Jenal haih. asal ko la kesian? aku yang nak membayar nya.

  3. @zuriani kesian la. aku baru plan nk beli dari kau. ugh drop that jenal stuff. nobody call me that.

  4. lol i mean jenol! hahahahahaha. aku tersasul la. sorry. bapak aku dah repair tadi guna sellotape =_____="

  5. @zuriani tak lame la tu. nk suruh ko beli D90 la tu. XD

  6. ko jangan duh. er alang2 baik d300. heh heh heh

  7. i dont wanna see Domo-kun. wanna see himmmm

  8. haha. kenapa nak sangat tengok dia? dia biasa2 je la sayang.

  9. yannn so true pasal shopping online tu. when i was in melb tgk2 stuff online suka je terus guna the bf's maybank2u confident je.. balik2 msia dah dpt all those stuff, calculate2 dah almost rm400 shop sesuka hati!

  10. kan! i pon guna cimbclikcs. so macam senang gila nak bayar n tak de reason untuk tak beli! haha. sedar2 dah pokai!

  11. @zuriani weh kalau ada orng nak jual D80 roger : )


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