Of Raw Chilies and Jeruk Maman.


I love spicy food, but I never tried eating raw chilies (in bahasa we called it cili padi) just like that. But last night when I saw Bibik Amy eating kuetiaw goreng with raw chilies, I was curious. So yeah I’ve decided to give it a try.

I wish I didn't.

It was OK, and it was very hot, my tongue was on fire. I must admit, the chili started stinging at the 2 minute point and peaked at the 3 minute point. My eyes were watering and my nose was running. My stomach was queasy for the entire night and it felt hot when I took a dump, but no other major side effects.

Words of advice, start with the mildest chili and work your way up the heat factor. I’m sure you don’t want to end up like me. I can’t sleep the whole night, spending most of the time in the toilet, which is suck.

My stomach is still feeling uncomfortable until now.


I can’t imagine how Bibik Amy is able to eat it every day, munching on them raw as a snack. I always tell her, “If you've been handling chilies, wash your hands before visiting the toilet. Otherwise this will be the expression on your face”.

Heh heh heh.

Have you ever tried eating jeruk maman (a veggie called maman and fermented with cooked rice, salt, chilies and sugar for days)?

Jeruk maman is my favorite, and I was delightful to see jeruk maman served on the table for lunch today. This dish is easily found in the northern states. Some may like it, some may not. It can be eaten just like that with plain rice and other dishes. I love to eat it just like that. But my mom loves to steam it with fish.

I bet most of you guys never even heard about jeruk maman. Well what a shame. But seriously people, you should give it a try.

Jeruk maman served with ulam.


  1. hehe. cili padi is must for me. makan apa2 pun, cili padi mesti ada. makan terus. takyah potong2. :)

    jeruk maman. pernah dengar, belum try.

  2. serious ke? u tak sakit perut ke mariam? i pedas lain i tahan, tapi cili padi ni i tak berani.

    haha jeruk maman susah nak cari kat kl sayang.

  3. shame on me. aku yg duduk utara ni pun xtaw jeruk maman ni apa. huhu.

  4. jeruk maman seyes aku br dgr arini. ntah2 mak aku pun xtau. huhu..

  5. haha. ish ni yang aku nak jamu korang jeruk maman ni. aku ratah mcm tu je taw makan. haha

  6. jeruk maman? this is the first time i heard of suxh dishes and my entire extended family is from the north aka taiping. maybe tak cukup north kot.haha. and eating chili padi raw is awesome ;)

  7. yan, yg mana satu jeruk maman? yg dalam mangkuk or luar(yg sebelah timun tu)?

    haha, sorry stupid q. but i tak kenal yg mana satu. lol

  8. yang dalam mangkuk ada cili2 n bawang tu. yang kat laur tu terung n timun. lol

  9. lol!!
    i really thot ur story ends up really bad
    i was thinking like "omg..habeh la ulcer perut kalau mkn pedas2 cmnih" bagai
    n then i saw the last pic...i thot those were intestines removed surgically!!
    *imagination ran a bit wild*

  10. haha. u had a really wild imagination babe.

  11. how come lee anna foong ada kat sini?! liana stalkerrrr!! :P

    btw yan, liana ni memang suka ber-imaginasi lebih sket. lol.

  12. liana ni bestfriend aku from ktt and now still is. n dia ni telah tinggalkan aku utk belajar medic kat manipal, india. huhu. dont mind her, dia ni memang sengal nak mampus. haha liana, too much medic stuffs eh yg ko nak pikir last pic tu intestines. huhu.

  13. hahahaha. hi best friend nuha!!!! sampai hati cakap makanan fav aku intestines. lol


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