Kenduri And A Shoe.

My brother just bought me a new shoe, and I love it so much since it’s very comfortable. The problem is I think it’s too plain and need some extra details to make it more attractive. I’m planning to ask a friend of mine to paint the shoes. The problem is I’m afraid that it will turn out not the way that I want it to be.

So what do you think? Should I just leave the shoes the way it is, or paint it to make it look less boring?

I’m at Tapah now for my two weeks holiday. Will having a kenduri doa selamat tomorrow night for my brother, since he’s leaving to Mecca next week. This is my second time driving my old classic Vitara all the way from Bangi to Tapah. See, my car is not THAT bad people. It still survived!

We pulled over at Sungkai’s night market yesterday to say hi to Mama, and my brother wanted to help her out a little bit. Oh yeah don’t get me wrong, Mama is my friend’s mother. We call her Mama, since she wants us to call her that. I did help her out, and it was pretty cool. Except that I was wearing a dress. People were staring at me, since I was way overdressed. Haha.

I’m going back to Bangi this weekend. Going to have another kenduri doa selamat for my brother at Bangi. It’s hard when you are living in two different places. You have to do everything twice. That’s mean I have to double the work. All the cooking and cleaning.


And no, you are not invited. I’m too lazy to invite people. Maybe I will change my mind later. Or maybe I will only invite some of my close friends only.

Heh heh heh.


  1. don't u think its too plain?

  2. yeah, setuju!jangan paint! leave it the way it is..seriously..

    p/s:tapi kalau awak nk paint jugak, okay je :)

  3. 2 no's. so i guess i'm just gonna leave it that way je lah =D

  4. I think you should leave the shoes plain.

  5. yes i think i'm going to leave it that way =)


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