Beautifully Broke

I have been staring at my Notepad for 30 minutes, searching for the words inside my head. I always wanted to update my blog since forever, but I’m not inspired enough to write about anything. It’s annoying, super duper annoying.

I’m officially broke nowadays, and I’ve been trying to save up. Not that I wanted to buy anything. It just that, I want to watch my money grows. It went well perfectly, but not until I broke my earphone, by stepping on it. And now not only I must save more to buy a brand new earphone, I just realized that I’m getting fatter and I need to eat less. And I just realized how skinny I was back then.

OK. Maybe not skinny enough.

Well you know me, I don’t settle for less. I always aim for something expensive. But when Maja asked me, do I need to pay more if I can buy the same thing with cheaper prize? Mind the brand, of course. He gave me an idea to start writing things I want to buy in a small note book, and leave it for 30 days. After 30 days, if I still want to buy it then I should. And he did mention that he already started to jot down his daily expenses in a note book.

Sounds interesting, I might need to buy a Moleskin notebook later. Haha, yes I know, some people just don’t change at all. I always have ways to spend my money.


  1. aku dah lame broke :(

  2. kau broke beli iphone. dimaafkan. haha.

  3. oh damn so i really really need to have one then

  4. A must. nnt u boleh control ur spending. n apa i buat, i siap staple the receipt skali.

  5. oh. i simpan all the receipt since i kat um lagi. now dah bnyk gila!

  6. setiap orang ade certain things yg mereka sanggup bayar lebih. in this case, earphone, aku rs tak perlu. mcm asip komen kt fb, lagu tetap same kalau earphone murahan. ok maybe quality lain. tp bukan ko nak analyse bunyi pun kan haha. ko same ngn nazir dalam hal ni.

    macam hal moleskin tu pulak, aku tahu memang mahal, wtf nak beli notebook mahal2 kat kedai buku rm5 pun ade. tapi kalau aku pun aku beli moleskin. weekend haritu dah pegi cari tak jumpe. dammit

    so, kesimpulan, belilah kalau mampu. jangan membazir, utamakan yang penting, dan semoga maju jaya.haha

  7. gad comment tu, panjang pulak tu. dgr tu yan dan semua hehe

    @yan since aku dgr ko nk bli earphone baru. aku rasa earphone sony RM39 (aku lupe model ape, tapi dalam packging silinder) tu ok dah. Philips yang RM10 tu ok tapi saiz agak besar

  8. tu ah. aku rasa gad dah matang oh sekarang. dah boleh kahwin. haha.

    tu la aku pon ingt nak beli yang harga berpatutan. sebab tengah miskin kan. haha.


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