A very nice friend of mine just bought me a custom domain for my blog. And now I’m using www.zurianiyusof.com instead of www.zurianiy.blogspot.com.

Yeah my blog is a little bit messy now. All the links are gone, and I have to do it all over again. Which is sucks? Yup, totally pain in the ass. Alright, will do that later, since now I’m too busy with my final examination.

So to my all my friends, can you please do me a favor by leaving your blog’s URL at the comment box below? Or if you are interested for link exchange, you can drop me an email me at zurianiyusof@gmail.com.


Until then, see you later!

p/s www.zurianiyusof.com.


This is like, so cool. And I'm loving it. Ok, I know it’s a little bit annoying. But hey, it’s a frigging www.zurianiyusof.com! I’m allowed to annoy you people. It's abso-fuckin-lutely awesome!



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