I woke up this morning, well not exactly morning, it was 250pm when I rise up from the bed. Anyway, back to the topic, when I woke up, I feel like I have some missing pieces in my life. I feel like an unfinished puzzle. But I have no clue which part of me that’s missing.

I’ve been spending days alone lately, away from friends. I have the opportunity to just sit and think. And I think about lots of things. I’ve think about how I always overlooked all the good things around me. How I always take things for granted. How sometimes I even lie to myself.

I do realized that I’m the type of person who is hard to open up my heart, to guys I mean. Yes, I love the excitement of flirting around and all. But when things got serious, I feel scared. I don’t know, maybe I’m scared to hurt again. I just don’t want to hurt anymore. I still have the scars, and I just don’t want it to bleed again.

But I’m trying to change. I’m trying not to think that I’ll end up like before, because not all guys are same.

You are sweet and I think I like you. I know I always acted cold, but I’m trying not to. Give me some time, go slow with me. Walk with me. Just let me know that you'll keep me safe.