Anyone who knows me will know that I love handbags. And now I’m into vintage handbags. I just bought these two handbags online and I can’t wait to get them this weekend.

I’m having a birthday dinner tonight with Aliff Imran, Aleeya Zambri, Adrian, Maja and Sufi. As I said before, I’m in no mood to celebrate my birthday this year. Maybe it was because of the examinations and all the assignments that I have to submit few days after my birthday. So I was a little bit stress out lately.

I did lost my temper to a friend, which I just simply hang up on him when he was talking to me on the phone. I am really sorry for that. And I did accidentally killed a bird who happened to cross the road while I was speeding at 5am in the morning. Not really my fault, but I am really sorry for that too.

Well I’m really looking forward for tonight, because Aliff is leaving on Friday to Dublin. But he is going back again on 9th until raya. Maja and Aleeya both are leaving too, very soon. Well I hate this time of the year.

I am fasting today. So yeah I’m off to bed now for a nap. Bye!


  1. yann!! i love the second one. i love i love. i want!

  2. yang second one very vintage kan! btw awak. 29th ni ada flea market at ac ss15 subang

  3. ohh yeh? ok!! thanks for informing! =)

  4. btw kita beli bag tu dekat


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