Cheap Dresses

I finally found a place for cheap maxi dresses. Forever21. Not that cheap, but much more cheaper than Zara or MNG. I just bought one last week at Pavilion. The model looks fat though. And the dress looks better on me.

That's me lah.


So the very the amat perasan. But the dress is a lot more cheaper lah online. How I wish I have a credit card, and I will buy all of the pretty gorgeous dresses from Forever21. Ahhh. That’s why I don’t have one. My dad will be dead broke if he provides me with it. Haha.


I’m now stuck with all the notes. I just can wait for the MTV World Stage this weekend. And I miss hanging out with Maja.


I’m off to bed now. Good night people!

P/s: I wonder why some people love to leave rude comments on the chat box, and don’t have the guts to leave their emails or link’s. That is so lame man. Grow up.


  1. alaa.. mcm ni.. mcm ape tu... alaaa.. aku lupe nama die.. same mcm ko pakai tu.. mcm.. ala.. ape neh... pakaian org tu pakai..

    orang mesir purba?

  2. haha yeah, the dress looks better on u, no kidding ;D

  3. @HEROICzero cleopatra?

    @Aisyah Rozi heh heh heh =8


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