Birthday Dinner

My birthday was just over weeks ago and at the time, I was too busy to come out for dinner. But on last Thursday, I was finally free. I guess you could say that I’m enjoying the life of fine dining but the problem for me was I still want to dine in a place with reasonable price.

At first I thought, how about they just come to my place and I can cook them dinner. But part of me, I want to play dress up and go out and have fun rather than scrubbing the kitchen on my birthday dinner.

I choose Naili’s Tree house, the one situated in uptown Damansara. To be honest, this place was fantastic. That was my third time having dinner there. It has a live music performance and a dance hall where you can dance along to the music, but too bad it only available on Friday and Saturday night.

I had a really magnificent time, since the food was excellent and the company was divine! It was a really wonderful dinner to usher the next year of my life! Thank you to Sufi, Maja, Adrian, Aliff and Aleeya for celebrating with me! And thanks for the presents! You guys are such a sweetheart.

Having friends like you all is the most special birthday present anyone could ever have. Whether it's a few quick comments from time to time to say hi and let me know you're still there, or the phone calls that I've had with you where we get lost in conversation for hours. All of it means the world to me.

Thank you all for the birthday comments, text messages, cards and phone calls. My birthday wouldn't have been the same without them.


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