Nadirah Zakariya

Beautiful photos. Unique ideas.

All photos by Nadirah Zakariya.

Its gorgeous! I adore all of her photos. She takes photography to a whole different level. Her photos have so much thought and care it looks effortless for her. She has a creative soul, and it's beauty blinds me.

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  1. hey girl, i was googling my name [sbb takleh tido] and i came accross your blog! what a sweet surprise, thank you for your support!! and guess what, im from bangi too!!

  2. p/s my blog :

  3. very creative shots.. nice

  4. @nadirah haha i love to google my name too. lol. hey yeah i'm from bangi too.

    and i love photography. dah berjinak2 dengan photography since i was at primary school, but just pakai camera pakai buang. last year baru kali pertama i own camera sendiri, and its my first slr. so basically i'm still learning how to take a good photo. and you inspired me =)

    @yginsaf4 yes very kan?

  5. thats great! jangan abaikan kamera buang, disposable cams are still fun ;)

    yea i only started to take photography when i was 20, before that just amik gamba for kenang kengangan je, nothing seriously or artsy :P

    yay keep on shooting!

  6. oh i still ambil gambar for suka2 je, and lately i've started to take photos for wedding. =D


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