It’s A Miracle, And I Can’t Stop Smiling.

I’m smiling now. I haven’t stopped smiling today. I just can’t stop smiling. I’m not naive or even relieved, I’m just grateful for this reason to smile today.

I’ve been smiling since I left Mr. Vishnu’s room. I was smiling when I was in the lift. I was smiling when I was walking to the car. I was smiling when I was driving. I was smiling when I’m entering the house. And I’m still smiling while I’m writing this post.

Note to myself, I have to stop smiling at strangers.

I hate programming. In programming you have to think in a mechanical way. There is very less chance of creativity in it. You have to sit still in one place and think about the solution for a long period of time. It makes you feel like a frigging robot.
It's so boring thing.

Yes it's an interesting thing for some initial period of time, until you know the logic. But when you get stuck somewhere in the middle of a logic, it's so irritating. Sometime you have to create something that is so boring and tasteless that you feel “why on earth am I doing this?'. This happens to me most of the time. And if there some compilation errors it makes the situation worse.

And why am I smiling so much today?
Only for one simple reason, I’ve submitted my assignment. Yes. I know it was just an assignment, but I really hate the subject. And it’s was hard to force yourself to do something that you hate. But yeah I managed to force myself to finish it, after two sleepless nights. And last night I still didn’t managed to debug the codes, not until 730am.


It was a simple programming question. Maybe certain people might consider it easy, they can finish it in 2 hours or less. But for me, it was extremely hard. I cried once when I failed to compile the code. I worked all day sitting in front of the laptop Google-ing and typing codes. And it really struck me when I can’t get the output that I want.

Oh what the heck. I managed to submit the assignment right on time. I’m free. I can sleep now in peace. I’m a little lighter, a little kinder, a little better in my heart.

The output.

I love using Miracle C. I will never use Knoppix anymore.


  1. oh yan, benda programming itu memang sangat2 mengganggu jiwa okay. sigh

  2. MATLAB!! haha code dia lebih kurang matlab la wak.
    kite penah wat assignment smpai mengalirkan air mata jugaaaak! i hate progamming. selamat this sem xde. btw, congrats da siaaap! haha

  3. awak. ni kita retake ok subject ni. sebab failed T-T

  4. adess teringat zaman2 sem2-4 dulu.. tiap2 minggu dok mengadap bende neh... wakakaka ~

  5. tu excel la beb. ehhh bukan, microsoft acces kan???

  6. bende ni best ape. :D
    tapi da lame tak maen da lupe. haha


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