Forget Sexy And Cool, Someone Bring Spinach Artichoke Dip Back!!

I’m bringin’ spinach back!

Them other leaves don’t know how to act
I think it’s special…what’s inside the pack
So go to the store and pick up a snack
Baby spinach
You see these greens baby they’re my fave
I’ll let you taste some if you feel the crave
It’s just that no other green can make me feel this way
-take it to the chorus

Come here y’all, go head just cook it
Come to the back, go head be full from it
VIP, dinner’s on me
Lemme see its a can you’re workin’ with
Look at those chips
Make me smile
Go ‘head and scoop the dip and get you’re spinach back

I’m bringin’ spinach back!
Them other greens don’t know how to act
Y’all let spinach make up for all the greens you lack
Because veggies are important so just eat it fast
-take it to the bridge

I’m bringin’ spinach back
You mother and truckers watch how I attack
If that’s your spinach, baby leaves are back
Because I need some spinach now and that’s a fact


  1. I find artichoke very tasty. It is good for health. It is rich in iodine. It reduces cholesterol and improves blood circulation, it is also helpful for diabetic people and is great for liver. It is also good for hair and is excellent for It has many more uses and benefits. To get more knowledge on artichoke, refer Artichoke plants

  2. wow. i have no idea that artichoke is THAT healthy. the only thing i know is that thing is frigging delicious!


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