Ayam Tandoori, Nasi Goreng Briyani & Sup Cendawan

Seriously, seronok gila tengok Yun makan bertambah.

I do have talent and good instincts in the kitchen. And, because I do it well, I love to do it. I cook because I love to eat, and if someone is near who also loves to eat, all the better. The simpler the dishes the better for me, but I never compromise on taste.

I love the experience of cooking from deciding on a menu to shopping for ingredients to the actual preparation of the dish. I don't ritualize it but I thoroughly enjoy the process. I do love to cook for others but I have realized that I will not cook for people I don't like.

Even when I am cooking for myself, it is an act of love. I always helping my mom in the kitchen, so I see cooking and eating as an enjoyable and health-affirming activity, one by which I could literally and figuratively nourish myself. It's a creative outlet, and I enjoy the process.

But for me the whole point is the nourishment the end result gives. I feel satisfied when people enjoyed food that I cooked. Even if I just make a toasted sandwich, but sharing it with someone who really appreciates the effort, now that is delicious. It pleases me to feed people food that pleases them.

I have to confess that I enjoy the compliments I get. Haha.


  1. Ohhh Eemmm Ggeeee! Sumpah terer okay! :))

  2. awak nnti awak balik kita masak untuk awak. awak datang cyber ok!

  3. tolong poskan ke auckland!!!!!!
    *pengsan kelaparan*

  4. ayam tandoori sangat menarik! :) hebat gilaa...

  5. @nunie kalau boleh tahan. mmg i poskan! haha

    @mariam i guna serbuk instant oh act. lol.

  6. nyam2. gosh. memang terliur. sumpah!


  7. oh wow. hebak gila masak briyani ayam tandoori. i stakat simple2 stuffs boleh la. huhu

  8. ok. saya tunggu awak masuk meminang


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