The Way I Feel.

I am a mirror with no reflection.

I am a razor without my blade.
I am an arrow with no direction.
I climb to fall, to begin again.

I’m sitting in the middle of unfurnished room.
I stare at the wall, feeling the voidable cracks.
I’m waiting for an angel to save me.
I have nothing to lose but time.

The clock will never stops, never waits.
I’m growing old, and it’s getting late.
I'm feeling older than a younger girl should.
Nothing lasts forever, I’m falling slowly.

For a moment I could feel the force.
Fainted to the point of tears.
I was holding on to make a point.
But, what’s the point?

The cold running past my window.
The journey's sour, the fire is out.
But the faces always stay the same.
So I face the fact that I’m just fine.

Looking at all the mess I've caused, keep me crying out.
I only wish things to go right.
But this is the start of what's already done.
It’s now became a fucking fire out of control.

I know I'm not supposed to let it bother me.
I shouldn’t let the storm suffocated me.
I know I can unscrew the stars and catch the moon.
I know I can do anything I want, anything my heart tells me to do.

There's no time for tears, because enough is never quite enough.
And when the day is long and hurricanes come to visit my door.
I will put my thoughts in a letter, send it to the wind.
I don't want to run, I'm moving forward, doing the best that I can.