This Is How A Karaoke Disaster Looks Like.

I went to the karaoke yesterday.


I went out around 4pm to hang out with a bunch of my very very old friend’s at KFC. I know them since I was a kid.

When I was busy stealing their french fries and whipped potatoes, one of my friends suggested the idea. And they all were screaming like a mad women, “ Yeaah! Let’s go to karaoke!!!”.

Oh my god, karaoke? I feel like killing myself.

So after finishing all the foods on the table, we picked up another friend and went to Kampar, 15 minutes from Tapah.

It was 60 minutes of, 5 girls losing control dancing on the coffee table and on the sofa. Haha!

I hate karaoke, because my voice sucks. I was freaking out when they forced me to sing, solo. For three freaking songs! Thank god they didn’t record it on video.
It was a total disaster.

No, it was a major disaster. But I have to admit, it was fun.

OK, this is too embarrassing!



  1. OMG! Saya kelihatan seperti kanak-kanak yang kurang waras!

  2. yan!!! karaoke is fun!!!!!!!! i love karaokeeeeeee...... you should do that more often!!

  3. haha! you balik nanti karakoke kat pavi jom!

  4. the last pic.
    paling CORNY.

  5. waaaa,jom yan!
    karaoke ampang park!
    tunggu kita balik okaay!

  6. haha love the karaoke pics

    I personally prefer trying the karaoke websites. It's cheaper and not as embarrassing ! My favorite one is

  7. @pap haha mahal tu gambar tu!

    @mirah jooom! bila balik nya?

    @jessica haha i have no idea theres a karaoke website! thnks hun!

  8. The last picture is the best! Hahahahahahaha.

  9. muahaahahaa! mahal kot gambar tu! lol

  10. If you're into karaoke you should definitely check out , there's tons of songs there for you to practice!


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