Wow, it has been a while since I last updated my blog. I was busy with examination and my new house at Crescent still didn’t have an internet connection. I’m having an issue with the agent. He is such a pain in the ass.

Nothing much happened for the past few days. Except having a surprise birthday party for my friend, a girls night out with a bunch of friend, and I just had a six hour movie marathon at the cinema with Maja and Syaza yesterday, but she left after the first movie. Curfew! Haha!

Bear Surprise Birthday

Girls Night Out

We were watching Blood: The Last Vampire, Terminator Salvation and Angels and Demons. From all of the movies, I think Angels and Demons is the best. Blood: The Last Vampire was a mistake. Don’t even bother to watch it.

I’m now at home, skipping my 6pm Electronic class. I wasn’t doing it on purpose though. My car broke down last night after the movie. We left Mid Valley at 230am and went to Pelita at Bangsar, and my car started to jerking few times.

I don’t want to end up having my car stranded in the middle of Putrajaya highway at 3am in the morning. I might get killed by a serial killer or werewolves!

Well lucky enough Maja was willing to follow me from behind all the way to Cyberjaya. And I almost fell asleep few times while driving. Haha.

A day without a car is really killing me. Lucky I have Shah and his MyVi. Just pray that my car is going to be fixed soon.


And yeah, I’m craving for durian.

Nak durian! Nak durian! Nak durian!


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