Pangkor! Pangkor! Pangkor!

Have you ever been to Pangkor Island? Is it beautiful? Is the water good?

I never went to Pangkor in my entire life, and I’m going there this Friday with my high school friends. I’m pretty excited about it. Since I never have a vocation for a very long time, I’m really looking forward for it.

Plus, I already bought a new dress to wear at the beach. It took me almost one hour and a half to find the perfect dress, and Asip was really pissed off waiting for me in front of Zara.

I can’t wait for Friday to come and knock on my window!


  1. i know its not so beautiful like perhentian or redang, but i am sooo damn excited!

  2. the view is'nt that praiseworthy,
    but you should try snorkelling there,
    just did it last school holiday,
    water sport definitely a tryout..

    *been there, done that, haha*

  3. kaki panjang leh la weyh...

  4. oppss sori.
    kumen nih supposely for entry dress tuh.

  5. haha macam mana boleh tersalah comment ni? lol


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