My First Wedding Photo Shoot

I had my first wedding photo shoot yesterday.


At 4am in the morning, few hours before the wedding, I suddenly realized that I just left my battery charger at Bangi. I was panicked! My D80 was almost dead and I don’t have any back up battery. I texted Pak Wan and Kecik asking for their help, since Pak Wan owns a Nikon SLR and I was hoping that Kecik can help me to borrow the charger form his friends.

But it was 4am in the morning, and of course they didn’t reply my SMS back.

Luckily, thanks to my brother, he managed to borrow a backup Canon 1000D from his friend. But still I can barely sleep, because I was so nervous. I never took any wedding photos before, so I was pretty scared that I might screw up all the photos.

The wedding nearly got canceled because the bride’s father died in a sudden heart attack, the night before the wedding. So I was trying not to put so much hope, I completely understand. But she called anyway around 12pm.

It was fun working with the bride and the groom. They both were funny and cheerful, and they have no problem listening to my instruction.

Opss, but I forgot to ask their name. Haha! My bad.

She is a tough girl though. Her face changed sometimes when people asked about her dad, and her eyes became all teary, but she was strong enough to hold the tears. She was smiling and happy, but I can see the sadness deep down inside her eyes.

If I were her, I will definitely call off the wedding and curl up inside my bed, crying. I can’t imagine losing any of my parents on my wedding day. I can’t imagine losing them at all.

I went back around 3pm, took a shower and rushed out to the hair salon. It feels good to have a massage after a tiring day. I cut my hair. It short, as usually. And guess what, the D80 battery is still not dead. Thanks to the new speed light, I don’t really use the built in flash.

I still don’t know how to really use the speed light. I need to learn more about it. My brother and I were crazy playing with the speed light all night long, I thought I was going to be blind. I nearly got a headache due to the too much exposure to the light!

Thanks bro, for the new speed light.


I still have a lot of photos to process, and I don’t really want to upload it on Facebook or Flickr. So I just post two of it, as a preview. Well, those two are not good enough. I know.

I’m still new and I’m still learning.



  1. good job..manipulate light..dats good.idea siapa?p.p guna coral ke?

  2. da maju! papehal yan,tahniah..huhu

  3. @sarah afiqah Thankks =)

    @ahmad zamzahahuri abas yeah guna corel

    @Mr. Shcomey™ thanks oh


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