I’m In Love With A Boy.


This post contains unsuitable stuff that may leads to nausea and vomiting.

I’m in love with a boy.
But I shall unreveal my love.
He is just too good to be true.

I've been thinking of him a lot tonight.
He always on my mind.
All the time.

I keep seeing him everywhere.
He is haunting me.
Still I want him to stay.

I just can’t seem to close my eyes.
I wish I can just shake him out of my head.
Like a fucking Polaroid.

They tell me love is just a dream away.
Oh please sing me a gentle lullaby and let me sleep.
So I can dream of him, tonight.


Don’t blame me, I warned you already.

Good night people.

I’m trying my best to go to bed now.

So I can wake up and go to the class tomorrow morning.

And if I’m lucky enough, maybe I can dream of him too.


I bet you guys already feel like vomiting right now.

Ok, let me just cut this crap.



  1. yan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sweet. x vomit pun. but im happy for u :)

  2. @aleeya hahaha

    @zatey really? i feel like vomiting reading this. haha!

  3. jangan curang ngan aku yan. haha

  4. tak gad. tak kan nak curang dengan kau. kau kan bf pertama. haha


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