I Have No Internet At Home, And Now I’m Talking Shit About Love.

I have no internet connection at home. Do you hear me? No internet connection at home!


I’m in Tapah now, and I’ve been trying to use Celcom broadband. But this place is too isolated, no 3G signal at all. And I left my car at Bangi, so technically speaking; I am stuck at home without internet and without a car.


I’ve been spending my day sleeping, watching Life and other TV series I’ve downloaded before the holiday, and watching Astro. Luckily, since I'm too updated with TV series, most of the series in Astro, I already watched it online.

In conclusion, I’m about to die, suffering the ‘I-have-nothing-to-do’ disease.

It drives me crazy to see many wifi connections from other houses, but all of it has passwords. Sometimes I feel like knocking their door, asking for the password. Haha!

Yesterday, I went out with an old friend. We haven’t met for a very long time. It feels good to see her again. We talked about our life, college and she asked me about my boyfriend. I just smiled when I heard her question. I changed the topic instead.

But she wasn’t satisfied with my answer. A moment later, she asked me again the same question. And I told her that I’ve been single for 2 years, since the last time I’m in a serious relationship. When I said serious relationship, two weeks relationship doesn’t count.

She was surprised, I can tell from her expression. I have no idea why it was such a big deal for her. Later in the car, she asked me how I can stay single for such a long time.

And I was like, “Hey I’m not that type of girl who always need a guy by my side.”

And then she started to lecture me. She remembered me being choosy and picky during high school, jual mahal and all.


I’m not trying to say that I don’t want to have a boyfriend, I do. God knows how much I want to be in relationship. But I don’t want to get involved in relationship just because I feel lonely.

Ok, I turned down few guys before. But, it wasn’t because I’m picky or choosy. I don’t be with someone just because he is nice to me, or he treats me like a princess, or he is mad in love with me. Yeah fine so let say I did accept that guy, and then what?

I want to be with someone because I'm in love with him, because he can make me blush every time I think about him.

And I still couldn’t find that guy.


Honestly speaking, I don’t understand a girl who keeps on changing their boyfriend like a piece of clothes. You break up with your boyfriend today, and tomorrow you are already with someone else.

What the heck is that? Love is not that cheap. You can’t simply throw yourself to any guy just like that.

For me, I rather wait. I’m willing to wait for the right guy. Because at the end of the day, it is worth waiting for that person. It is worth waiting for someone that we love. Life is too short for us to be with the wrong person.

But, I’m too lazy to find the right one. Boleh tak kalau orang tu jatuh atas riba, datang bergolek-golek. Tak payah nak kena cari. Haha.

So please, if you have a boyfriend now, I am happy for you. But it’s not fair for you to call me choosy or picky. I don’t need any stupid suggestion such as, “Hey why don’t you go find a boyfriend? Or I’ll hook you up with any of my friends if you want”.

No thanks.

Don’t feel sorry for me just because I am single. I choose to be single. I don’t even feel sorry for myself. So, why should you?

Ok enough talking crap. I’m off to bed now. Muah!


  1. x. sebenarnya anda memilih.

  2. laa. patut dah lama x update. hehe

    i like your view about relationships. two thumbs up! x suka girls yg x boleh stay single, then main sebat je any guy that come in their way. sorry to say but i think that THAT kind of girls are too desperate ( or even pathetic ) hahaha.

  3. yeah. but too bad. those kinda girls are overpopulating m'sia. how now?

    because i'm like one of those clothes you talked about on your post. change change change.

    btw,"woi! yan macam satu dalam sejuta woi! haha!"
    and bila kau cakap pasal turning down a few guys, aku teringat gbong pulak dah.


  4. @silence musica haha yeah maja sangat tak membantu!

    @yoyo tulah! omg rasa nak mati! but now i dah ada internet. i tak tahu pulak kalau broadband ni, if takde 3G, u still can go online by using GPRS. hehe. but limited la, i boleh bukak google, gtalk, gmail n blogspot. lain sume tak ley bukak. and thanks for ur opinion =)

    @pap haha! no comment. n no details pap. apalah u ni. itu semua sejarah. he's happy now ;)

  5. "You break up with your boyfriend today, and tomorrow you are already with someone else."

    seb baek aku ade gap berbulan-bulan. Pfffttt

  6. ouh saya sangat bersetuju dengan anda.!

  7. When my house takda internet, I pun rasa macam nak ketuk setiap rumah and tanya password diorang. Hahaha.

    And that was an awesome piece. :D

  8. @Dalila & Faralyana =)

    @Syaza haha this post got nothing to do with you tho =P

    @Intan tu lah! kenapa ntah diorang nak taruk pswrd. sharing is caring kan. haha


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