There Is More To Life Than A Pair Of Shoes. But I’m Talking About Two.

Last month was a frustrating one for me. I was searching for a gladiator sandal that I saw online on the web at Nine West boutique, but the shoe is not available in Malaysia. I was frustrated and texted my friend to tell him how sad I was at that moment. And then he said, “There are more shoes in the ocean…”

Guess what, he was right! Suddenly I started seeing gladiator sandals everywhere!

Everyone knows what a gladiator's job really was. Their job was to model one of the country’s most stylish fashion items. I have to get as many pair as I can, while I can. Too bad, nothing really seemed to satisfy me, or to catch my attention in that special way. I know the pain of losing a fight to bad gladiator sandals.

But it was not until I bought two pairs of gladiator sandals last Friday. I’m totally in love with them. I bought the first pair at Topshop and the other pair at Cat Whiskers.

At first I went to Topshop just for the sake of using the RM25 voucher that I got from points I’ve collected before. But once I entered Topshop, I sat on the couch, thinking what the hell I should buy.

Yun was the one who suggested me to buy a shoe. She showed me a black gladiator sandal which I was about to buy last month. But my friend Asip said the gladiator sandal is ugly. And when I took a second look at it, the shoes is quite gorgeous actually.

After Mid Valley, I went to Jalan Telawi at Bangsar Baru for window shopping with Yun. I ended up buying another pair of gladiator sandal at Cat Whiskers.

Both are gorgeous. Yes I'm crazy. I knew that already. You guys knew that already. I don’t even know exactly how many pairs of shoes I own. I like to think of myself as a collector and not an addict. Shoes are an art and I like to appreciate this art in my closet.

I will not bring those shoes home, because my mom is definitely going to kill me if she knew. I just bought a black flip-flop, weeks ago from Reef. Well what can I say? Girls don’t buy shoes, they hoard shoes.

The one from Nine West

From Topshop.

From Cat Whiskers.


  1. yan!! thats cute!

    tapi awak mesti lagi giler kalau datang sini! hehe

  2. Aaaaaa. Ni nak cakap Nine West sana murah2 la ni. Huaaaaa

  3. i like the title!! :D

    "kasukt sekolah" i kat kms dulu pon gladiator jugak. gladiator rox kan? haha

  4. haha best gila "kasut sekolah" stylo macam tu. yup gladiator flats sangat rock!

  5. kasut gladiators kat indon berlambak n murah giler, smpi dah muak tengok. aku pun giler kasut, dahla semalam aku dah beli 2 flats and one t-bar. giler. uhu.

  6. yan, a girl can never have too many shoes! kan2?

  7. @nuha pergh ni yang jeles ni. nak kirim nak kirim!

    @mariam yes, exactly!

  8. u faham part mana? part sedih tak jumpa nine west or part gila beli kasut? haha


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