Packing, Cleaning And Moving.

I’m tired, and I’m so not in the mood to write an essay. I’m just going to let the photos do the talking.

So, this is the photos of my new house at Cyberjaya. Too bad I forgot to take the photos of the living room and the laundry room.

The front view.

The view from my house to the main gate.

Our backyard.

The kitchen.

The view from the laundry room.

My room.

The bathroom.

Day One.

I just received the keys on Thursday, after paying the rent and signing the agreement. And guess what, I’m living next door with my other guy friends. I already knew that we are going to stay at the same place, but honestly I didn't expect them to live that near.

They were there to while I was meeting the agent. Haha, this is going to be fun, living near them. They are all practically and mentally insane!

This is my classmate, Amir.

And this is Bear.

We were listening to the agent.

At the playground.

Er, they both are my friends if you ask.

Near the pool.

We were kinda scared to get near the swimming pool. There were a bunch of half naked guy wearing "panties", swimming at that moment. Ay-yaa-yaay! What a view I must say.

After we got the keys, we all set up for party buih! We both were lucky enough to have Arena. She was excited to help us cleaning the house. She even put on her Agriculture t-shirt! Ahh, the t-shirt! The IT t-shirt. The one she got when the singer threw it away from the stage during Sunburst.

Arena was so excited to clean the house.

She helped me cleaning the kitchen floor.

Soon after that,
she decided to play with the SLR instead.


This is the other maid-of-honor, Yun.

You want to see my photos? Sorry, too sexy to put in here. I looked teribble anyway, sweating like hell.

Day Two.

This is the tough part. The moving part. We have too many stuff, so yeah we had to do like 6 to 7 trips in order to move all of our stuff to the new home.

Yun and I called my guys friends for their help, to carry all those boxes Shah, Bear, Didie and Syah (yes they are two different people with similar name) was there to give us some hand.

The box where I put all my handbags.

Didie and Syah.

He was more than happy to help us.
With the boxes, of course.

Tha handy-men. Err, and handy-girl too.

OK. Maybe he was too happy.

The reason why I love my car.

Bear and Shah was scolded by the guard,
for trying to enter the female hostel.

Damn heavy!

Haha! No comment!

We love our backyard.

At 7e, for Slurpee!

So, that was it. Two days of hell. Thanks for all my friends who are willing to help us. I love you guys a lot! And now I’m off to bed. Happy holiday people! See you next sem.

p/s all photos were taken from Yun's camera.


  1. xde housewarming party? or kenduri doa selamat ke...

  2. kalo nak buat, tunggu kita balek okay!
    nanti kita dtg ngn juon?! kan juon kan?

  3. oh oh awak balik ke cuti tengah tahun??

  4. o my g.. ur tudung! sooooo 90's!! ;)

  5. doa2.. bagus2.. berkat duk umah nti..

  6. wow the house is nice.. nih buiat rasa nak masuk situ x nak duduk hostel

  7. hostel bosan. yang best internet je

  8. nice house yan!! xnk jemput ke? haha

  9. thanks pap.

    haah mari2. i buat pot luck party nanti. haha

  10. hehe..wktu pndh tu..spec x nak cabut..hahaha

  11. bestnya pindah rumah. lagi best u bleh cuci mata depan rumah je, without even getting into the water! NICE!

    and and, that's a nice backyard! it can be a really nice mini garden!

  12. i plan nak tanam orchid kat belakang rumah. haha


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