Love Your Mom, Before It’s Too Late.

Many take their moms for granted because they think their mom will always be around. They have no idea how she will be missed. They don't know how she will be missed, because one day when you wake up, she might be gone forever.

Sometimes we are wondering why we celebrate this special day, the day that only come once a year. And we should tell her, let her know that she is special in our live. A simple text messages will do, just to say how much you love her.

So, if you are a lucky one whose mom is still with you, why don’t you tell her every day that you love her?

For, that's the least that you can do.

Happy Mother's Day. I will always love you mom.


  1. yannnnnnn............. dun lar post things like this :(

  2. lah i just nak share2 the video je.

  3. Salam.

    good entry. keep writing sis. i'm your silent reader.. haha time ni baru nak expose. nanti visit2 la belog saya k.

    p/s: thanks for sharing the video ^_^

  4. x. this is a good post, tp sedih lah. hehehe

  5. x sempat na leleh, dh x puas ati pon.. uh agak kurang ajar mereka itu..

  6. @dnasura thanks dear. nice blog you have there. love your recent post =)

    @zatey mestilah sedih. i pon sedih bila tgk

    @adil sangat teruk ok drng


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