My Bucket List: The First 50 Things

So this is my bucket list, the first 50 things that I can think of.

1. Take a year vacation and travel around the world.

2. Sailing on the private yacht with the loved one.

3. See shooting stars and make a wish.

4. Donate blood.

5. Write a children’s book.

6. Learn how to swim (Yes, I can’t swim. Haha!).

7. Learn how to play an instrument. (Maybe piano or violin).

8. Ride in a hot air balloon (Maybe next year I’m able to cross this one from the list)

9. Go bungee jumping.

10. Have my portrait painted.

11. Climb up the statue of the liberty.

12. Ride all the 10 largest roller coaster in the world (Never ride one. Haha!).

13. Fly kites.

14. Meet the love of my life.

15. Marry the love of my life.

16. Have a beach wedding with red roses all over the place.

17. Have a child.

18. Make a difference in at least one person's life.

19. Get a photo taken by me published in a magazine.

20. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square, New York.

21. Start my own business.

22. Make a very stupid video and publish it on You Tube.

23. Become a vegetarian for a month.

24. Skinny dipping at 3a.m in the morning.

25. Buy a beach house and make it “the perfect” house over the years.

26. Draw a wall mural with my kids at the hallway inside the house.

27. Have my own photography exhibition at least once.

28. Simply kiss a stranger and tell him that he is cute.

29. Be an extra in a film.

30. Attend a fashion show in Milan.

31. Send my parents on their dream vacation.

32. Spend 10k shopping at the mall in one day.

33. Have sex in every corner in the house (on the table, at the kitchen, on the sofa).

34. Write a love letter, put it in a bottle and throw it in the middle of the sea.

35. Drive a racing car.

36. Read every Harry Potter book (I haven’t read any yet).

37. Get 400 hits in one day on my blog.

38. Have a full body spa massage and full Brazilian wax (Oucccch!).

39. Scratch somebody’s car.

40. Make a very cute cupcakes, invite all my friends and throw a cupcakes party at my place.

41. Kick a vending machine for a free cola.

42. Sun bathing at islands of Hawaii.

43. Make an iceman.

44. Being able to express my anger and feelings (Yes I’m sick of hiding it).

45. Dance in the street of Paris.

46. Give free hugs on a very busy city sidewalk.

47. Find my first ex-boyfriend when I was at standard 4.

48. Live in a foreign country for a year or two.

49. Drive across the country with friends.

And or course, the last but not least

50. Die happy!

I have so many things in my mind but I don’t want to create a very long list. Maybe when I’m able to cross some of it from the list, I will add up more.

And if you have created your own list, why don’t you share it with me. You can either post it at the comment box below or send to my email at I would love to see yours!

So, enjoy the list!


  1. would u like to be the stranger? haha

  2. good one. nanti when i have some time, i'll come out with my own list on my blog.

  3. 33. Have sex in every corner in the house (on the table, at the kitchen, on the sofa).

    39. Scratch somebody’s car.
    ~done that! it was in 2000..kete cikgu penyelia!

  4. @ariff cool! can't wait to see yours
    @aveler EVERY inch and EVERY corner.

  5. yan. i loike your list. im working on my list now. hee!

  6. @mariam yeay jangan lupa bagi i tgk taw!

  7. so now all you have to do is: be a millionaire. Then, if not ALL, MOST of the things in the list can be crossed out. :D

  8. yeay!! your list!

    hehe, i nak join for no 30 and 32! ;p

  9. yes in order to be a millionaire i need to score in my exam, get a nice cgpa. sigh. gad, you can just turn everything into a school stuff eh? haha

  10. @nunie hey i suka ur list! pedicure and manicure! never thought of it. maybe we should get a pedicure and manicure together. haha

  11. cooool, i wanna work out my own list too lah mcm ni ;)

  12. jangan lupa tambah "buy yan a pair of shoes at nine west" eh seyra. haha

  13. Thumbs up! Atleast you dont sit around and waiting to look old kan? Im proud of you!

  14. haha. so scratch somebody's car tomorrow?

  15. 4 8 9 10 13 49
    maja boleh teman

  16. wah! ok balik nanti jom buat eh. janji?!

  17. yun i series ni. pick a car pick a car. lepas tu rakam upload kat u tube. tu dah boleh cross dua da tuh!

  18. Sure, no problem. HB* cars are all yours. Pick pick pick.

  19. jangan la HB ouh. kalau upload youtube kantoi la keta i kena scratch balik.

  20. ok. nanti malam plan. he he he he

  21. malam ni kita ajak farid ayie sume. record ramai2. gila buat dumbass nye vid

  22. woooo...pjgnya list...nak try bt jgk tp mcm x mampu smpai 50...yan pnya list to do things mcm celebrity..=)

  23. haha mana ada macam celebrity. ini adalah normal je.

  24. ow sangat banyak.. mati hidup semula pon xkan sempat

  25. whoaa..such a long list:)
    i got my own too..
    pls sudi2 cek kat mt blog..
    we do share d same interest in a few things

  26. @azfarul yup haha

    @dba adnan. haha tu pon i dah kurangkan dari 70 jadi 50

  27. Sex in every corner of the house. that's wild.

    then nk buat mcm signboard or mcm tanda. " I had sex here" mcm "i was here, 4/4/2004, 4.09am"

  28. haha gila ah. jangan la sampai mcm tu sekali

  29. wow,, tgh2 blank ni nak tulis apa kat blog, u really give me an idea of coming up with my own list.

  30. hi zuriani. i'm ainul's friend, nj=) haha, dah lama dah terjumpa your blog, and i visit once a while! interesting list you have here. but, sadly, statue of liberty dah tak boleh naik atas after sept 11. before sept 11, boleh naik lift smpi a certain floor, then naik tangga pergi dekat the crown. haritu i went with ainul semua, tak boleh! sampai kat kaki je!=(

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. @nj yaa i remember u. we met once at ainul's place before. u were the one wif glasses right? damn! really? i always imagine doing bungee jumping form the crown. oh i envy u! i never went to US!


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